These Affirmations Actually Help Depersonalization


Depersonalization can be a challenging and distressing experience, especially when it makes your own identity feel foreign or shaky. While there is no one solution to this condition, using mindful affirmations can be an effective way to better your mindset and relationship with dp so you can stop it effectively.

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Normal Affirmations Won't Stop Depersonalization

A normal positive affirmation is a positive statement or declaration that helps individuals focus their thoughts on what they want to achieve. When used regularly, affirmations can help influence thought patterns and promote feelings of self-worth and confidence.


Although this may sound helpful, this is not what the goal should be when dealing with depersonalization.


This is because improving your relationship with dp does not involve achieving some specific state of mind that will always be positive. Telling yourself “this will go away”, and “I can handle this”, could actually make it more difficult to cope with what the brain might throw at you.


What has helped me the most, and what could probably help you, is training your thinking to allow the mind to be whichever way it is. In this way, dp is not demonized as a problem that needs to be stopped. This is true “control”, in the sense that no thought or emotion will shake this acceptance.

Affirmations That Will Help Depersonalization

Here are some affirmations that individuals struggling with depersonalization can try:


  1. It is not a problem to feel this way.

  2. These thoughts and feelings are just as valid as any other.

  3. I do not need to try to control my brain, I can let go.

  4. I am here for you, I understand your suffering


It is important to note that affirmations alone may not alleviate the symptoms of depersonalization right away. The goal is to change our patterns of thinking that prevent depersonalization from fading as quickly.


To get the most out of affirmations, individuals can try the following tips:


  1. Write affirmations down and read them regularly: Writing affirmations down can help make them more tangible and increase their effectiveness. Reading them regularly, especially in the morning and before bed, can help anchor them in the mind.

  2. Repeat affirmations out loud: Saying affirmations out loud can help make them more real and increase their impact.

  3. Personalize affirmations: Creating personalized affirmations that resonate with the individual’s own experiences can help make them more effective.


To truly develop a practice, remember that the goal is not to stop or numb yourself from your feelings. The goal is to think in a way that will allow the mind to be at peace. Develop and change your affirmations to suit this practice. Although some of these affirmations may seem counter intuitive, they can yield fantastic benefits in the long run. 


Hopefully, these affirmations will not only make depersonalization less uncomfortable, but will improve other aspects of your life as well. Thank you for reading!


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Travis has been writing for Depeaced since it's inception. After experiencing Dp for 8 months from edibles, it has completely faded from his life.

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